The quintet around the Black Forest saxophonist Moritz Grübel presents original compositions, which reflect the band's musical experiences and influences. Founded at the beginning of the new 20’s, the band’s  music sounds modern and fresh but still keeps the connection to traditional jazz.

The goal is always to combine modern straight ahead jazz with extended harmonics.

Thus the repertoire of the band establishes a compromise between familiar structures and surprising turns.


Moritz Grübel – alto saxophone

Robert Cozma – trombone

Lion Wegmann – piano

Moritz Graf – bass

Jonas Sorgenfrei – drums


Federal Jazz Orchestra 


The Federal Jazz Orchestra (a.k.a. BuJazzO, from German “Bundesjazzorchester”) is the official National Youth Jazz Orchestra of Germany. Together with renowned conductors and lecturers, outstanding young musicians form an orchestra of the highest musical calibre. Founded in 1988 by Peter Herbolzheimer, and currently led by the artistic direction of Nils Klein and Ansgar Striepens, BuJazzO today is considered an excellent talent factory for future jazz musicians.


Faitsch & Grübel

Dominik Faitsch and Moritz Grübel are friends from the musical cradle. Even as hormone-driven teenagers they played together in the school band and gained their first stage experience. The young Moritz developed into a highly talented aspiring saxophonist and went to explore jazz music, while Dominik started teaching himself to play the guitar after having played funk bass for a while, and began writing his first songs at the age of 14. Now, almost 10 years later, Dominik studies in Freiburg, and Moritz – in Nurnberg, but the musical bromance from the Black Forest continues to this day. 

Faitsch’s songs inspire people to contemplate some things or other, or at least to laugh about them: weltschmerz, overly manly men, love, and humanism – these are the core themes, expressed in bitterly angry satire or romantic folk. It sounds as if he could never quite decide whether to be a comedian, a love poet or a world changing do-gooder. Preferably everything at the same time. Moritz gives the music a unique finishing touch with catchy melodies and jazzy improvisations. The result is a mix of pop, singer/songwriter, folk & jazz music you have never heard before. Just like Simon & Garfunkel, only in German, young and inseparable, with jazz and … simply different, but still actually just like Simon & Garfunkel.

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Dimonic – “our heart, our soul, our music.” Judith Geissler and Lucia Kastlunger, creative and innovative, fuze contemporary genres like pop, jazz, and funk into a breathtaking new whole, paired with the literary art and beautiful tones of the English and Italian languages. Performed together with a fantastic band, the emotional songs invite you to dance, sing along or just to enjoy listening. 

Dimonic – La dolce vita meets the pure life.


Judith Geißler - Vocal

Lucia Kastlunger - Vocal

Moritz Grübel - Sax

Markus Leicht - Keys

Chris Kilgenstein - Guitar

Johannes Göller - Bass

Matthias Bäuerlein - Drums